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How you can help

Donate a phone

Please donate your old phones – smart or not. When donating, it’s particularly helpful if you can tell us  whether the phone is locked to a particular network, or if it has any faults. We’re happy to accept phones with minor flaws (broken screen, broken microphone etc.) If possible, we ask that you donate a small amount of money as well to contribute towards getting the phone fixed.

If you'd like to donate a phone, please click here for the relevant details. 

Donate money

We need money to:

-       Buy phone credit and sim cards

-       Fix broken smart phones and unlock phones

-       Buy non-smart phones to distribute to sex workers who prefer to use them

-       Cover postage costs

Any amount is appreciated! Donate here.

Donate skills

Can you fix/unlock phones? Do you know someone who can? If so, please get in touch! Contact us at 


The Dialtone Project

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