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The Dialtone Project

Giving old phones you don't need to the sex workers who do

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The Dialtone Project

Do you have an old mobile phone lying around which you’re no longer using? Maybe you meant to try and sell it, or it’s just a little bit broken, and you never quite got around to fixing it. 

Donate it to The Dialtone Project, and we’ll pass it along to someone who really needs it.

For many sex workers, having a phone is an important business tool. We use it to connect with clients and colleagues, to access valuable community support and safety networks. 

Having a separate work phone can also be a good way to add a layer of privacy and security to your work practice.  However, affording one phone can be tough for many sex workers - getting a second one might seem impossible. 

Based in London but operating across the UK, The Dialtone Project aims to provide sex workers with free resources which might otherwise go to waste, by collecting old phones from people who no longer need them, and passing them along to those who do.

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How to get involved

Whether you need a phone, or have one to donate, find out more about how to get involved here.

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Need a phone?

If you’re a sex worker and you need a phone, find out more here.

Want to donate?

Whether you've got an old phone to donate, some useful skills or you just want to send us some money - learn more about the various ways to help out here.

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Any questions?

A project in collaboration with SWARM - Sex Worker Advocacy and Resistance Movement

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